Byron Family Medical Centre

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. This pandemic has changed everything we do. Our centre was full of patients every day but now it's uncommon to see a patient in the waiting room. Our healthcare workers are still busy doing patient care by telephone or video. A great proportion of our staff are working from home. Those who are working in centre are wearing masks in centre to protect you please so don't be alarmed. It's still our smiley faces under those masks.

This unexpected change is new to you as it is for us. It's not a comfortable feeling. We are dedicated to serving you, our patients, as best as we can. At no point should you feel abandon. Please call our centre (519-472-9670) if you are a patient of our centre and have medical concerns. Remember that we have after-hours services available as well. You would just call the same number if you feel your medical issue can't wait until the next business day.

You could help us out by calling your pharmacy with any medication renewals. They send us your request, we review it and in most cases send a communication back to the pharmacy to renew that medication. This process usually takes one business day with a max of two days. We ask that you plan ahead so that you are not down to your last pill. The pharmacies have asked us to tell you that they will call once the medication is ready. Definitely call the pharmacy if you requested a medication renewal and no one has called you back over two business days.

Due to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, we have changed how we are caring for you to ensure your safety and ours. We are doing more visits by phone (or video) rather than seeing you in person. Phone or video visits are called virtual visits (click here for more info about virtual visits).

As well, our centre is following a different method of in-person appointments than in the past. If you are having an in-person appointment, you will be required to stay in your car and call our centre (519-472-9670) when you arrive and you will be given further instructions then for coming into our building. If you can't call then please come to the door, ring the bell and stand behind the white line.

Please do not show up without an appointment. As well, we ask that if you are coming to your appointment at centre, please come alone (if possible) or have your family member wait in your vehicle.

Thank you for understanding and stay safe.

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