About Us


The Byron Family Medical Centre is owned & operated by the London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario, Canada.
Our partners include the Department of Family Medicine, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
and the Thames Valley Family Health Team.

Our Staff

There are four main teams at Byron Family Medical Centre as outlined below with additional staff and support.

Team A:Dr. Tania Rubaiyyat
Dr. Sara Vazirian
Dr. Wesam AlerianMs. Stephanie Coleman (Nurse)
Marion Dowden (Receptionist)

Team B:Dr. George Kim
Dr. Fady Andraous
Dr. Sara RathoreDr. Heather Russell
Ms. Nancy Malek (Nurse)
Marion Dowden(Receptionist)

Additional Support for Teams A & B:Dr. Nancy McKeough (Part-time Physician)
Dr. Scott McKay (Part-time Physician)
Charlene Leslie (Administrative Assistant)

Team C:Dr. Andrew Hemphill
Dr. Bolutife Yusuf
Dr. Rebecca WhiteheadMs. Kerri Delaurier(Nurse)
Ms. Allison Browning (Receptionist)

Team D:Dr. Sonny CejicDr. Rizwan KaziDr. Ali Chashm KhavariMs. Channing Dewbury (Nurse)Ms. Allison Browning (Receptionist)
Additional Support for Teams C & D:
Meghan Vivian (Administrative Assistant)

Additional Health Care Providers:
Ms. Layal Alaeddine (Nurse Practitioner)
Ms. Leslie Russell (Nurse Practitioner)
Ms. Andrea Allen (Social Worker)
Mr. Paul Rivest (Social Worker)
Ms. Tara Leckie (Registered Dietitian)
Ms. Crystal Chan (Occupational Therapist)
Ms. Payal Patel (Pharmacist)

Dawn Leslie(TVFHT Team Assistant)
Dr. S. Ojha (Part-time Psychiatrist)