Byron Family Medical Centre

The Byron Family Medical Centre(BFMC) and the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) believes in and encourages a partnership between patients and their health-care providers.


Patients have the right to:



           •  Be treated in a considerate and respectful manner

           •  Know the full name and role of those involved in your care

Privacy and Confidentiality

           •  Have your personal health information treated in confidence

Safe Care and Treatment

           •  Receive care in a welcoming and safe environment

           •  Receive relevant information about your illness or health condition

           •  Receive all information necessary to give informed consent or refusal to proposed treatment

           •  Receive information about known risks, alternatives, and cost implications (if any) of proposed treatment

Access to the Complaints Resolution Process

           •  Feel free to ask questions and express concerns about your care



Patients are responsible for: 



Active Partnering in Care

           •  Providing information about past illnesses, allergies, and medications

           •  Bringing in all home medications, including vitamins and herbal supplements

           •  Recognizing the risks and consequences of refusing recommended treatment

Courtesy and Respect

           •  Treating others at BFMC with consideration and respect

Using Health Care Resources Wisely

           •  Contacting BFMC at least 24 hours in advance if unable to keep an appointment

           •  Arriving at appointments on time

           •  Using BFMC's after hours service for non emergency care rather than the hospital emergency or walk-in clinics