Byron Family Medical Centre

What to Bring to Your Appointment

It is very helpful to your health care team to have the most current information in order to make your visit the best it can be. Please be sure to bring the following to each of your appointments.

       • Your health card and any updates to your address or phone number.

       • All your medications including those prescribed, over-the-counter,herbal products and vitamins 

       • If you have been to another doctor or in the hospital please inform us of any change in your medications. Updated information about your medications is extremely important to your health and safety. It is called medication reconciliation. See the patient brochure  for more information.

       • A list of questions that you may have about your visit - feel free to ask questions!

       • A family member or friend if you think they would be helpful in your understanding of your visit.


For more detailed information please click on the following link - You asked us...