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Philisophy of the Byron Family Medical Centre
The Byron Family Medical Centre of the London Health Sciences Centre dedicates its resources to providing the highest quality of health care to its patients in the medical centre, home or hospital. This is achieved by integrating patient care, education and research.
Optimal PATIENT CARE is assured by the maintenance of a highly skilled staff dedicated to helping individuals and their families manage their illnesses, promote health and prevent disease while preserving their safety, privacy and dignity.
EDUCATION of family medicine residents and medical students is a major commitment of the BFMC in its role as one of the clinical training sites of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario. Education, both formal and informal, is carried out on a day-to-day basis and also serves to promote the skills and individual growth of all staff.
RESEARCH and SCHOLARSHIP is pursued to advance knowledge pertaining to family practice for the ultimate benefit of all society.
The staff at the Centre is committed to the goals of optimal patient care, quality education for health professionals at various levels (undergraduates, residents and fellows), and advancement of the discipline (Primary Health Care) through research and scholarly activity. Goals are achieved through an integrated administrative structure involving the Department of Family Medicine at UWO and the London Health Sciences Centre. The Centre is accountable to these larger institutions regarding policy and budget. A multidisciplinary approach involving all members of the staff is an essential part of the formula for keeping the day-to-day operation of the Centre running smoothly.
All members of the staff are supported in attempts to maintain their highest level of function through appropriate Continuing Education activities in their respective disciplines and through combined activities to ensure an optimal environment for professional growth and development within a multidisciplinary team structure.